Hey there!

I am Phyu. Before you wonder who I am, let me introduce myself. I am a Burmese native with a big ambition and a lifelong passion for skincare. I have been a skincare enthusiast before the category of beauty guru was born on Youtube, and even before the word blogger was born. I would ask my cousin, who was in his dermatology school in the UK, to send me some skin information and my friend, who worked in a Chinese medicinal clinic, to send me some ingredient information. 

As a broke student with a bare-minimum allowance from my sister, I did not have a “glass” skin or a “glow” routine. But, I did have a refrigerator full of natural ingredients, and a kitchen full of species. I created and tested DIYs made out of my kitchen ingredients. That’s when I started to fall in love with skincare. 

I turned my lifelong passion into a skincare empire to fully pursue my true purpose of helping you to get your personal skin routine. One thing I promise you is that I do not curate and recommend any products that I personally do not like to use on my face. I don’t believe in marketing buzz. I believe in personal experience. 

Yours truly,