A Burmese native, I started my exploration of beauty when I moved to Singapore for my bachelor degree at Singapore Management University. Alongside, I also earned a diploma in Advanced Makeup and Hair course from the school of makeup in Singapore.

The amount of makeup that I had to put on myself every day for the six months of the course gave me irritation, redness, breakouts and clogged pores. I always believed that getting the best version of my skin would require a tremendous amount of spendings and as a student, I was very limited with my resources to spare on luxury skincare. So, I started to find cheaper alternatives and started studying ingredients’ benefits on the skin through book studies, and experiments on myself and my friends with my DIY formulas. After many trials and errors, I got the hang of which ingredients are beneficial for skin and which are not, followed by sharing my knowledge on personal skincare blog.

After college, I went into finance and management careers, eventually taking my master's degree. During this whole time, I carried on with my passion for skincare by giving my family, friends, friends of friends, etc, with their skincare and beauty concerns and recommending products to them. I enjoy researching new ingredients, testing out new products and making notes on each product and their formulas. After 10 years of product experiences, now is the time for me to start my own venture in the beauty industry by sharing you the best information, advice, and innovations of my well-loved beauty products while making them accessible to you at your comfort.

This platform is not about me, but about you and for you to become your own expert for your skin health. I would love to read your reviews and your thoughts about each curated product, new products that you want us to curate on our site, and have a skin conversation with you throughout your skin journey.

Lastly, for more tips on how to take care of your skin properly, don’t forget to check out our Meekah blog. Thank you so much for supporting us by being a part of our Meekah Fam.

Always stay fabulous.