How to Remedy Wrinkles, Dark Spots, & Other Signs of Aging

Start seeing signs of aging? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many people are already on the quest to age youthfully and gracefully. Especially if you are in your 30s, you can’t just ignore your skin’s signs of aging, though they may differ from person to person depending on genetics and lifestyle. 

Knowing the root cause is always the key to protect against any damage. So, what causes the skin to sag, and is it possible to reverse aging? As we age, the skin will change in appearance and structure not only because of its natural processes but also due to several external factors such as sun exposure and pollution, or lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking, or stress. 

If you are thinking about how you can firm up your skin as you age, here are the things you can start today.

For Face Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Thriving social lives or chilling on Netflix all night sounds fun but surely, your skin will not be happy. Look for skincare products containing vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) as they can help drastically improve the look of skin and help decrease the appearance of fine lines and dynamic wrinkles. To help soften the appearance of fine lines, try exfoliating pads made especially with Glycolic Acid AHA. Using it regularly will slough away dull, patchy cells on the skin's surface.

For Eyes Wrinkles or Crow’s Feet

When we age, the skin around our eyes sags and gets fine lines, wrinkles, and even crow’s feet compared to other areas. It starts stealing one’s youthful look especially from the age range of 20 to 30. Regular use of antioxidant eye cream can greatly help to reverse the damage while treating dark circles. For additional protection, wear your sunglasses when exposed to the sun. 

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For Sun Spots or Age Spots

Studies show that UV exposure is responsible for 80% of visible signs of facial aging. Exposure to the sun over time can lead to age spotsthe areas of the skin where pigment has changed, and they appear darker than the surrounding skin. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is a must to add to your morning routine no matter if you are at home or outside. Daily sun protection is the best way to keep your skin looking as youthful as possible. Apply every 2-3 hours for maximum protection. Need a recommendation? Check here!

For Collagen & Elastin Loss 

It’s a natural process that our skin produces less collagen and elastin as we age. Besides, harmful UV rays also damage and break down the skin’s elastin over time. While either way leads to skin aging such as wrinkle formation, fortunately, we have many skincare solutions in the market today which can boost collagen production and help to achieve a fresher, more youthful look. To restore and maintain optimal skin health for a more vibrant, youthful appearance, the ever popular ingredients like vitamin C and honey propolis are always worth trying. 

For Dry, Dull Skin

As we begin to age, our skin gets thin and can also get very dry. If you are still using face powders, switch to cream foundation and moisturizer which give you a younger, healthier skin look. The powerful ingredient hyaluronic acid is popular, too, for deep hydration and skin aging treatments. You may also love the hydrating sheet mask set or anti-aging sheet mask set, which can even offer you fun skincare time.

For a simple yet effective anti-aging skincare routine, read it here!

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