Facial Massage Exercises to Complement Your Skincare Routine

Do you even facelift, sis? An active lifestyle, even while holed up at home, does wonders for one’s holistic wellbeing. At this point, you may have already created an at-home workout routine, but have you considered maybe adding an exercise, or two, for your face? We’re already well into the third quarter of the year, but there’s still room for resolutions to add to your day to day routine! 

On top of a skincare regimen that works for your unique skin type, why not complement it with a facial exercise? Our face consists of muscles, which we rarely use. Did you know that a regular facial exercise helps improve blood circulation and aids in delivering oxygen and nutrients to skin? This benefits skin by promoting collagen production and stimulating skin cell regeneration to, ultimately, prevent early signs of aging. Whether you’re using a facial roller or a gua sha tool, and maybe even your hands, it promotes healthier skin and improves its overall appearance, giving you that natural, covetable glow. 

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There are plenty of benefits of a facial massage, especially when used with the right tools and combined with the right products. Here are some easy face thinning and toning exercises to get you started:

Cheek Lifter

Did you know cheek reps are a thing? Open your mouth to form an “o,” then position the upper lip over the teeth and smile to lift cheek muscles up. Use your fingers by putting them lightly on the top part of the cheeks and release the muscles to lower them and lift back up. Repeat as desired!

Tip: Before you get started, just make sure your fingers are clean!

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A Focus on the Forehead

To help smooth fine lines over time, place your fingers flat against your forehead. Using a sweeping motion, place your fingers up and out towards the hairline and temple. Pause on the temples with a gentle but firm pressure to help release tension. 

To boost the process, why not incorporate a gua sha tool or a roller while you’re at it? It helps boost the circulation of blood and oxygen for days when you’ve barely had any sleep, which in quarantine, is inevitable. It also helps reduce puffiness on the face. It’s a skin massage and workout in one for instantly supple, healthy-looking skin!

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Pro-tip: Leave your tools in the refrigerator for a few minutes for a cooling sensationgreat for mornings when you need a quick pick-me-up! Try mixing with your favorite lightweight serum like the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum or the SOME BY MI Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum for a deep drink of hydration and nourishment. 

Upper Eyelid Workout 

For a natural brow lift, use your fingertips to gently lift your eyebrows upwards and outwards. Then use your muscles to try and counteract this movement by pushing your brows back down holding for 8-10 seconds. Repeat for 5 times!

 The occasional face workout may look tedious but it does wonders for your skin. Have fun with pamper night, and even add a sheet mask while you’re at it! 

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