Simple Yet Best Skincare Routine for Men!

Achieving healthy skin is a lifelong process–the more you take care of skin, the better the results are. Honestly speaking, this is something we cannot achieve overnight. But you may probably think you have to spend a steep amount if you do skincare. The answer is obviously not! Taking good care of your skin health daily can even help you save money in the long run. How exactly? Skin issues like wrinkles, acne, dryness, skin aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and even more costly consulting sessions with dermatologists for serious cases can be prevented by a consistent skincare routine. 

men vs skincare (simple skincare step for men skincare routine)

Let’s be honest–if your skin looks good, you feel good. “I urge you to remember that part of our skin journey is about practicing self-love,” f.c., a male skincare blogger and founder of Simple Skincare Science, shares. But let’s face it, unlike women, men have less idea on how to care for their skin to look its best. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Get Your Best Skin Yet

Follow the Quick and Simple Skincare Steps for Men, along with Meekah’s recommended skincare products in each step of the regime.

1. Cleanse Your Face: Just remember, a cleanser is always the first step in the morning and at night. It is necessary for men to cleanse their faces regularly to remove the oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that gather together on the surface of the skin all day long. Looking for the ideal mild cleanser for your skin care routine? KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Foam will help you make your skin clear, bright, and healthy.


2. Apply Toner: Research shows that men typically have thicker, oily skin than women.  Isntree Clear Skin BHA Toner is especially suitable for oily skin, combination skin, and skin prone to severe impurities. If your skin is sensitive, we recommend the Isntree Green Tea Fresh Toner, which is a favorite product of Skincare by Hyram, a male beauty YouTuber. See more of his favorites here! Don’t want to commit, and just want to try it? Shop the mini-size on Meekah.

isntree BHA Toner
isntree Green Tea Fresh Toner
3. Hydrate Your Skin with Moisturizer: Regardless of skin type, moisturizing is an important step to keep your skin cells healthy to reduce skin problems such as breakouts and acne. After cleansing your face, to provide instant hydration and help maintain the natural moisture barrier, apply the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream, a popular choice suitable for all skin types.
isntree Hyaluronic Acid Moist Cream

4. Protect from UV Rays with SPF: Skin with no regular use of sunscreen is more likely to have skin problems like wrinkles, aging, redness, and even skin cancer. Fret not! Sunscreen is the key to protect your skin from harmful, strong UV rays, and environmental stressors. Take note that it is not just for summer–it’s for all year round. We highly recommend the NEOGEN Day-Light Protection Sunscreen! If you have dry skin, layer it over moisturizer for your day time routine, while normal to oily skin types can use this sunscreen alone as a daytime moisturizer. More recommendations? Read here!

NEOGEN Day-Light Airy Cream Sunscreen Protection

5. Use Sheet Mask Weekly: To naturally enhance the glow of your skin, sheet mask is vital to add to your skincare routine. No idea on how to pick up a good sheet mask for yourself? Give the MEDIHEAL Sheet Mask Set a try, which is part of J-Hope’s (a member of BTS) skincare regime. Check out more for Meekah’s curations here: Hydrating Sheet Mask Set, Brightening Sheet Mask Set, Maskne Treatment Set, Anti-aging Sheet Mask Set and Acne Sheet Mask Set.

BTS Special Sheet Mask Set
BTS Special Sheet Mask Set

A good skincare regime is just as important for a man as for a woman. Take a few minutes out of your day to make your skin healthier and have a natural glow. 

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