How is Skin Brightening Different from Skin Lightening?

Let’s face it, brightening products get a bad rep. Chances are, when you see or hear the word “brightening,” especially in your skincare products, there’s a part of you thinking, “But I’m already light enough!” Don’t worry, “brightening” and “lightening” are completely different things; here’s how to differentiate between the two. 

You may actually want to put that Vitamin C serum back in your cart! Brightening products are specifically designed to reduce skin’s hyperpigmentation and discoloration, whether it’s your pesky acne scars, stubborn blemishes, or even post-partum stretch marks. These products increase the radiance and restore the natural vibrancy of skin. It also evens out skin tone! 


Check out for skincare ingredients like Vitamin C, which helps regenerate skin and treats UV exposure photo-damage. Everything you need to know about this buzzworthy ingredient here, including product recommendations you can easily shop on Meekah. Let’s not forget about fermented rice water, best known for its skin-illuminating properties. It even targets early signs of aging! 

Did you know that sunscreen—a definite must in your daily morning routine—helps brighten skin? It protects the skin from intense UV rays and even decreases the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Don’t forget to complete that #HotGirlSummer vibe with all-day sun protection! Here’s our product recommendations for your best summer yet!

Now, what about skin lightening products? In many Asian countries, these are wildly popular, given beauty standards that actually bring more harm than good to consumers. Many consider lighter skin as “more attractive,” which has led to a prolific skin lightening market. 

If You Look Good, You Feel Good - Lightening Skin

Lightening, very close to whitening, temporarily reduces skin’s melanin production, stripping the skin off its ability to get darker. Skin-whitening agents are very affordable and accessible, but these actually cause many potential serious side effects, including infections and skin cancer. 

Beauty is definitely subjective, but there are more benefits to brightening products, and these are much safer, too! Think about this next time you’re torn between the two.  

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